Book Recommendations

Recommended Books for Autumn Reading

Curling up with a book and reading to my kids as the cold nights draw in, is my idea of heaven. It is one of the most enjoyable things we do together, and I find Autumn is a perfect season to start making it a habit.

Recommended Autumn Reads for you all to enjoy:

Age 0- 5 years 

  1. Pumpkin Soup – Helen Cooper
  2. Owl babies Martin Waddell
  3. Going on a bear hunt – Michael Rosen
  4. By the light of the harvest moon by Harriett Ziefert
  5. Funny Bones – Janet and Allan Alberg
  6. Winnie the Witch – Valerie Thomas
  7. Max at night by Ed Vere
  8. Stickman by Julia Donaldson
  9. The scarecrows’ wedding by Julia Donaldson

Age 6 – 8 years

  1. Rabbit and Bear: Rabbit’s Bad Habits by Julian Gough
  2. Fantastic Mr Fox – R Dahl
  3. Murder most unladylike – Robin Stevens
  4. Diary of a Wimpy kid: Double Down by Jeff Kinney
  5. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Age 9-12 years

  1. The Graveyard by Neil Gaiman
  2. Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  3. The girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of their own making by Catherynne M Valente
  4. Harry Potter by JK Rowling
  5. Maygk by Angie Sage
  6. Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghosts Stories 14 stories chosen by R Dahl
  7. The Hobbit by Tolkien
  8. Watership Down by Richard Adams

What books are you reading to your kids this Autumn?