What to read after Harry Potter

if his friendships captured your heart...

It is not easy to find the next book with your child after Harry Potter. It is a series that takes the reader on a magical journey, immersing them so deeply in its world that the story stays with them for life.

You might have a reader who wants to move on to a fantasy adventure series or a historical quest (see my 7 perfect books for Harry Potter fans to read next post) However, they might want something that captures their heart, in the same way, Harry's friendships did. If so, here are 4 books they will want to read next.


A Place Called Perfect – Helena Duggan

A creepy adventure story packed with twists that hook you in from the beginning and keep you guessing until the very end. The lead characters are smart and beautifully developed. If your reader enjoyed how Harry, Hermione and Ron pieced together facts and made plans, this is a perfect read for them.

One of those books that you think about when you’re not reading it and can’t wait to find out what happens next. –(Tom Fletcher 2017 Book Club)

Age 8 – 12

Letters from the Lighthouse – Emma Carroll

‘We weren’t supposed to be going to the pictures that night. We weren’t even meant to be outside, not in a blackout, and definitely not when German bombs had been falling on London all month like pennies from a jar.’

Olive is determined to solve the mystery and find out what happened to her elder sister, Sukie on the night of the air raid. This one of my favourite reads this year, both my daughter and I were gripped from the start. Despite being a historical novel, set in  World War II England, the themes of refugees, prejudice and belonging are relevant to the world we live in today. It has fast become a favourite amongst junior school teachers as it is a perfect platform for discussion.

Age 9 -12

The Wolf Wilder – Katherine Rundell

A story of adventure, revolution and standing up for the things you believe in. It is about the power of the underdog and fighting back. And, of course, wolves. A heroine so magnificent and strong, she is worthy of comparison to Lyra Belacqua. Readers who relish a fast-paced page-turner will quickly get lost in this snowy, Russian fantasy tale. Katherine Rundell is infamous for her beautiful and purposeful use of prose. For children looking to read as a writer, as well as enjoy a cracking yarn, this is a must-read.

Age 9-12

Ruby Redford – Lauren Child (Children’s Laureate 2017 – 2019)

Set in our world, Ruby Redfort appeals to readers who are not drawn into Harry Poter by the fantasy genre but by the problem solving action-packed narrative. As a teenage James Bond/ Alex Rider character, Ruby is intelligent, smart and, in lots of ways, a typical teenager. She plays it cool but likes to win. Many boys who are reluctant to read a book with a female lead have been pleasantly surprised and called back for Book 2 in the series.

Age 10 – 13 

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