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The Murders Ape

Your child will enjoy the Murders Ape if they:

· Like action from the start. I was outraged for the characters and was rooting for them straight away. Rich characters who you really like or dislike are beautifuuly developed throughout the story.
· Get drawn into a narrative through the rich description of characters and community within the setting, and enjoys the extra detail.
· Are curious and want to solve a mystery from well written clues.
· Want a book that has beautiful illustrations that bring the story alive.
· Need to develop self-confidence and reading stamina, for big chunky books. The book is an epic text but the font is not dense on a page, coupled with its short chapters and 3 parts it is an easier read than it looks. It will need an investment of time, you can read it together or even read Part One have a rest and come back to it.

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