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This is a great next book if your reader likes:
Historical fiction, especially World War 2.
Stories that are gripping and touching.
To follow a character's journey over a series of books.
Gritty, true to life stories that could have happened.

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The Explorer

This is a great next book if your reader likes:
Adventure stories that keep you guessing.
A twist in the tale.
Journey stories set in the wild, where survival is the main priority.
Stories where the characters get to know themselves and grow stronger through the challenges they encounter.
Black and white drawings that add rich detail to the setting.
'Like a man-made magic wish, the aeroplane rose into the sky. It did not stay there long.'

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After the Fall

This is  a great next book if your reader likes:
Can remember the traditional nursery rhyme so they understand the sequel!
Loves wry humour that tackles issues, such as fear and tramua.
Enjoys detailed symbolic illustrations that you can return to many times.
Likes characters who develop and grow, showing their weaknesses and strenghts. 

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