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Gregor the Overlander

This is a great next book if your reader:
Is an avid reader of adventure/ fantasy/portal stories
Has watched the Hunger Games but couldn’t access the books. Use the kudos of the author to appeal to an older, more reluctant reader.
Loves fantasy stories that are set within the context of our world.
Gets drawn into a narrative through the rich description of characters and setting, and enjoys the extra detail. Collins subtly leaves symbolic clues throughout the text to add interest for the attentive reader.
Enjoys a book that is only 245 pages and a fast-paced read.
Wants to be reading more grown-up, YA books. Gregor the Overlander looks like the Hunger Games, the graphics and premise are YA. However, the text is accessible and engaging but not too complicated.
This series can develop self-confidence and reading stamina. It is essential for a reluctant reader that books are finished and enjoyed before the interest in them is lost.

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A Wrinkle in Time

Your child will enjoy A Wrinkle in Time if they:
Like a character-driven plot, not a fast, action-packed adventure.
Are curious about space and time travel.
Enjoy deep, character-driven plots.
Are a Sci-fi fan.
Relish a good battle with the dark forces of evil.
Can understand scientific concepts within a storyline.
Empathise with characters from different background and periods of time.
Want to explore family dynamics and sibling relationships.
Enjoy gritty, brave and courageous characters (who happens to be female in this story).
Enjoys graphic novels, as this is an option.

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