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The Magic Treehouse

This is a great next book if your reader:

Is ready to start reading chapter books. The chapters are short, the font is a good size, and there are illustrations to break up the text.
Benifits from a familiar setting and premise to support them to understand the book. Annie and Jack go to the magic treehouse, enter a portal, and have an adventure in another setting.
Enjoys a series . There are so many to chose from ( Well over 50), so your reader will find one they love.
Loves magic and adventure stories with heroes, villains and where good defeats evil every time.

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Who let the Gods out

This is a great next book if your reader likes:

Greek mythology 
 A familiar but fresh take on the Greek myths
Witty and wacky plots based on hard-hitting themes, such as being a parent carer and repossession. 
Funny puns and wordplay.
Rich characters who you can laugh with and at. 
 Humour that appeals to all ages (even my teenagers can't help but still crack a smile!)
well spaced out font.
Characters that grow over a series of books.

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Stig of the Dump

This is a great next book if your reader:
Enjoys stories about friendship and adventure.
Loves to empathise with characters.
Gets wrapped up in the events and problems faced by the characters.
Is intrigued by outdoor adventures set in the countryside.
Wants to read a classic story from the 1960s that is still relevant today.
Historical fiction, with references to Stonehenge, Stoneage, and life in the 1960s.

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This is a great next book if your reader:
Is a gamer, and likes to immerse themselves in the world of computer games.
Likes Jumanji or Ready Player One
Enjoys futuristic time travel settings.
Would find the real-life historical heroes placed in Wonderscape's  fascinating worlds. Influential people who helped shape the world we live in today feature throughout the story - from Issac Newton, Mary Shelly, and Thomas Eddison, to the lesser known Wangari Maathai and Tomoe Gozen, to name but a few.
Wants rich characters whose relationship grows from having nothing in common to loyal friends.

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When We Were Warriors

This is a great next book if your reader likes:
Historical fiction set in England during World War 2.
Frost Hollow and Letters from the Lighthouse novels by Emma Carroll.
Gets drawn into a narrative through the rich description of characters and setting, and enjoys the extra detail.
Wants to be reading more grown-up books but doesn't always have the stamina. The interconnected short stories are accessible and engaging but not too complicated.
Books that develop self-confidence and reading stamina. It is essential for a reluctant reader that books are finished and enjoyed before the interest in them is lost.
Stories with strong, quick-witted, and brave female protagonists.
Carefully crafted detail and description from a period in history
Characters who adapt to a great change with resilience, resourcefulness, and innovativeness.

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The War that saved my life

This is a great next book if your reader likes:
Historical fiction set in England during World War 2.
Stories where strong, quick-witted, and brave female protagonists are up against the odds but find a way to overcome obstacles.
Stories with emotional themes that drive the plot.
Multi-dimensional characters who they can relate to and root for, but not always like.
The theme of hope in the face of adversity.

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This is a great next book if your reader likes:
Historical fiction, especially World War 2.
Stories that are gripping and touching.
To follow a character's journey over a series of books.
Gritty, true to life stories that could have happened.

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Katy Parker and the House that Cried

This is  a great next book if your reader likes:
Enjoys a mystery adventure story
Finds flashbacks and time travel exciting and engaging
Can empathise with characters from different background and periods of time
Wants to explore family dynamics and sibling relationships
Likes historical settings and detail
Is studying world war II
Enjoys gritty, brave and courageous female characters
Needs texts that aren’t too chunky

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Tilly and the time machine

This is a great next book i your reader likes ...
A story with a strong, likeable main character (A female Kevin from the Home Alone films)
Action where the plot moves from setting to setting at a pace.
History – Queen Victoria, Nelson and Hans, the German goalkeeper from 1966, are all characters that Tilly meets on her travels.
Short chapter books that they have read independently.
A book that has humorous, detailed drawings that bring the story alive.
To develop their self-confidence and reading stamina, moving on from simple chapter books.