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Katy Parker and the House that Cried

Your child will enjoy Katy Parker and the house that cried if they;
Enjoy a mystery adventure story
Find flashbacks and time travel exciting and engaging
Can empathise with characters from different background and periods of time
Want to explore family dynamics and sibling relationships
Like historical settings and detail
Is studying world war II
Enjoy gritty, brave and courageous female characters
Needs texts that aren’t too chunky

Spiderwick-Chronicles- (1).jpg
Tilly and the time machine

Your child will enjoy Tilly and the Time Machine if they:
Like a story with a strong, likeable main character (A female Kevin from the Home Alone films)
Enjoys action where the plot moves from setting to setting at a pace.
Are interested in history – Queen Victoria, Nelson and Hans, the German goalkeeper from 1966, are all characters that Tilly meets on her travels.
Has read short chapter books independently
Wants a book that has humorous, detailed drawings that bring the story alive.
Needs to develop self-confidence and reading stamina, moving on from simple chapter books.

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