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Dirty Bertie Pirate!

This is a great book if your reader:
Is starting to read independently. The font size, language, and amount of text on a page make it a perfect first chapter book.
Loves detailed black and white illustrations by the amazing David Roberts. They explain what is happening and how the characters are feeling way beyond the written text.
Enjoys Horrid Henry. However, they are in for a treat because Dirty Bertie is far funnier and more absorbing. Many kids have happily plowed through the series at an alarming rate (you may need to dig out your library card!)
Likes nose picking and bogey humour.
Is not confident or keen to read chapter books. Dirty Bertie Pirate! is split into three mini-stories, and each story has four chapters. This is perfect for building confidence and stamina.

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Judy Moody

This is a great book if your reader:
Is moving to chapter books. The book's language, length, illustrations, and the amount of text on a page make it a perfect bridge between picture books and chapter books.
Enjoys a bit of mischief and humour as Judy is Moody, but she is a lot of fun too. She just does whatever she wants to do, no matter what, she's got ambitions, too, which makes her a great character for young kids to read about!
Wants a book you can enjoy together. You can't help but giggle and share stories about bad moods, bad days, and sibling rivalry.
Isn't confident or keen to read chapter books. There are 18 books in the series, and a spin-off series about her brother, Stink. Your child can enjoy the familiar characters and events whilst building their reading stamina. I can't wait to read more!

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Mr Majeika

This is a great book choice if your reader:
Is building their confidence with chapter books. 
Needs a series that will support reading independently and build reading stamina.
Likes stories about a class at a primary school. 
Enjoys stories with a class baddie, who makes everyone's life a misery, getting their comeuppance.  

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The Worst Witch

This is a great next book if your reader likes:

Short chapters and a good size font for readers who are developing their reading stamina.
Stories set in a magical boarding school with an accident-prone rookie witch (Mildred), her arch-enemy(Enid), and her loyal friend (Maud). There's even a Snape-type teacher in the form of Miss Hardbroom if you think it is sounding a little Harry Potterish.
Wonderful black ink pen illustrations that add extra detail to the story. A simple narrative with beautifully developed characters and a classic good v's bad theme.
A good giggle! Poor Mildred is forgetful and accident-prone but she always manages to save the day.
Books that are part of a series. There are 7 Worst Witch books, and it has been adapted for TV and stage.

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Malamander- Thomas Taylor
This is a great next book if your reader likes:
An action-packed mystery with a well-crafted plot that keeps you guessing right up to the end.
Well-developed characters that gradually reveal their real personality throughout the story.
The themes of friendship, family, and where true happiness lies - I will give you a clue it isn't money or power!
To romp through a tremendous action-packed salty sea legend! It is a fast-paced plot with plenty of action and suspense.
To discuss and notice new vocabulary. You can have fun with wordplay and a rich vocabulary. For example, (S)herbert Lemon and Palma Violet are the two main characters.
Identifying and predicting who the characters really are, what they stand for, and empathise with their situations.
Harry Potter as there are a few parallels.

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Winston and the Marmalade Cat

This is a great next book if your reader likes:

Animal stories with a lot of heart as the book's star is little Houdini, the marmalade cat.
Historical fiction suitable for young readers or older developing readers. It has interesting detail about WW2 and Winston Churchill masterfully weaved into the story.
Detail that builds suspense as the story unfolds.
Short chapters with a good size font and wide spacing between lines, but no pictures to break up the text.

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The Secret Sky Garden

This is a great next book if your reader likes..
Beautiful illustrations that have masses of detail with meaning beyond the written story.
Caring for the local environment and thinking about how green spaces in built-up cities are important.
Stories about caring, dedication, and friendship.
Thinking about how you can turn disused places into something useful.
Reading about how hard work and commitment can be rewarding.

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Tuesday at the Castle

This is a great next book if your reader likes:
Writing that is beautiful in its simplicity. It creates rich characters you love and despise, a well-paced plot, and the thrill of magic and action.
An unexpected twist on the princess fairytale genre.
An insight into a medieval court, politics, and dirty tricks
Smart, strong, and selfless female protagonists who aren't scared to stand up for what they believe in.
Fantasy with a castle that is alive. It changes every Tuesday, chooses its monarchs, grows rooms, and decides who stays and goes.

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Anisha Accidental Dectective

This is a great next book if your reader likes:
A plot that keeps you guessing with its twists and turns, but they don't yet have the stamina for a longer, more complex read.
Mystery stories, but they aren't ready for some of the more grown-up themes often found in detective stories.
The complexities of family life and friendship, with wonderfully quirky characters.
A good giggle!
Interesting details about Indian culture and family life.

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Stig of the Dump

This is a great next book if your reader:
Enjoys stories about friendship and adventure.
Loves to empathise with characters.
Gets wrapped up in the events and problems faced by the characters.
Is intrigued by outdoor adventures set in the countryside.
Wants to read a classic story from the 1960s that is still relevant today.
Historical fiction, with references to Stonehenge, Stoneage, and life in the 1960s.

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Ballet shoes in Syria

This is a great next book if your reader:
Wants the voice of the narrator to be a child's.
Enjoys stories and discussions that look at the world today.
Gets involved in a plot that tackles a hard-hitting theme.
Loves dance, especially ballet. 
Likes stories told with honesty and compassion, like 'The boy at the back of the class.'
Seeks a plot with just the right balance of triumph and tragedy.
Vocabulary and sentence structure that is easy to read with a reasonably large font. 

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This is a great next book if your reader:
Is a gamer, and likes to immerse themselves in the world of computer games.
Likes Jumanji or Ready Player One
Enjoys futuristic time travel settings.
Would find the real-life historical heroes placed in Wonderscape's  fascinating worlds. Influential people who helped shape the world we live in today feature throughout the story - from Issac Newton, Mary Shelly, and Thomas Eddison, to the lesser known Wangari Maathai and Tomoe Gozen, to name but a few.
Wants rich characters whose relationship grows from having nothing in common to loyal friends.