Animal stories

Animal stories

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Moth - An Evolution Story

This is a great book if your reader:
Is curious about evolution and change. It is an atmospheric introduction to Darwin’s theory of natural selection.
Will be drawn in by the stunning visual experience. When people talk about the book, magical and beautiful are words often used to describe it.
Questions how nature is affected by human behaviour and how animals can survive.
Likes messages of hope and action.
Wants to learn about adaptations and changes humans can make to help animals and the environment.
Enjoys rich scientific and poetic language.

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The Wolf Wilder

This is a great book if your reader:
Loves a story of adventure, revolution, and people standing up for the things they believe in.
Admires a heroine so magnificent and strong that she is worthy of comparison to Lyra Belacqua from Phillip Pulman's Dust Trilogy.
Wants to witness the power of the underdog and root for them to fight back.
Loves wolves (of course!)
Relishes a fast-paced page-turner. They will quickly get lost in this snowy, Russian fantasy tale.
Is a fan of Katherine Rundell. She is infamous for her beautiful and purposeful use of prose to tell a gripping story.

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Winston and the Marmalade Cat

This is a great next book if your reader likes:

Animal stories with a lot of heart as the book's star is little Houdini, the marmalade cat.
Historical fiction suitable for young readers or older developing readers. It has interesting detail about WW2 and Winston Churchill masterfully weaved into the story.
Detail that builds suspense as the story unfolds.
Short chapters with a good size font and wide spacing between lines, but no pictures to break up the text.

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The Murder's Ape

This is a great book if your reader:
Enjoys journey stories with an intriguing mystery.
Likes beautifully developed characters who feel like your friends.
Loves how the underdog can keep going, no matter what.
Wants a long book, but is building up the stamina. The book is split into 3 parts so readers don't have to read it in one. 

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Dave Pigeon

This is a great next book if your reader...
Revels in slapstick humour, the sense of the ridiculous and wordplay. Likes a story with a quirky, likeable main character.