To grow your reader you need to know your reader. No two readers are the same; in fact, every reader is unique with their own reading personality. This is why reading lists and recommendations without knowing what type of reader you have won't lead to the right book for your child. 

Getting to know your child's reading personality is the key to finding the right book and growing your reader. Good book choices come from good questions - and that is what the personality quiz does for you. 

Once you have your child's reading personality type, you can move on to Step 2 and use the book reviews to find the perfect next book for your child. 

So what are you waiting for? Fill in the quiz to discover your child's reading personality.

Reading Personality Types 

Short and sweet readers are suited to a page-turner that holds their attention. They often prefer a story with a strong theme or action from the start to capture their interest and keep them reading steadily. As they develop reading stamina and independence short stories and books full of short chapters are often a good choice.

Developing readers are practicing their reading skills. They need to hear fluent reading and enjoy stories while developing key skills and building independence over time. 

Rapid readers have developed their reading stamina and can enjoy some big chunky texts, as well as quick reads to add variety and interest. They need enough age-appropriate texts they can read, reflect on and discuss.

Character focused readers enjoy books where they get to know a character whom they can relate to, care deeply about or want to be. It is not always about finding books with the same themes, but about discovering books with characters who are richly described and beautifully developed.

Saviour the moment readers love a story where the detail builds up. They need time to stop and discuss their ideas and can have strong options and ideas about the characters and get carried away with the right plot. 

Thrill seeker readers love books with fast-paced action and excitement. Any character-driven text that is full of drama or intrigue suits them well.

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