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Dave Pigeon – by Swapna Haddow

Author: Swapna Haddow

Reviewed by: Katy Reeve

Age range: 6+

Genre: Quirky humour, animal feuds and Tom and Jerry mind games.

If you’re a cat and you’ve learnt Pigeonese… (HA HA HA! As if a cat would be smart enough to learn Pigeonese). This must mean if you are a cat and you are able to read this, you have taken a pigeon hostage so that you can trick them into translating the Pigeonese words into Meow. I demand you release the hostage pigeon now. My book contains TOP SECRET ideas that are NONE of a cat’s business.

Your child will enjoy Dave Pigeon if they:

  • Revel in slapstick humour, the sense of the ridiculous and wordplay.
  • Like a story with a quirky, likeable main character.
  • Enjoy a fast-moving plot and ever-changing plans.
  • Are building up their reading stamina, as chapters are short and bite-sized.
  • Want a book that has humorous, detailed drawings that bring the story alive.

A pigeontastic novel featuring the loveable and hilarious duo, Skipper and Dave, who relentlessly plan and scheme to get rid of the mighty Mean Cat. Skipper and Dave are obsessed with concocting ‘epic plans’, where they will do anything to ensure they end up with all the biscuits and Mean Cat’s abode.  Dave Pigeon is the plotter and planner, he remains resolutely assured of his brilliance throughout, his lack of awareness, tall stories and sense of high drama adds to the humour and sense of inevitability, when the epic plans unravel and things go awry. Skipper is Dave’s friend who is typing the story, despite him just following orders his persistent questioning ensures he comes across as the more switched on, with it pigeon

The illustrations beautifully match the descriptions of Dave and Skipper, which helps to bring these characters alive. In my house we all love Dave, and we are waiting excitedly for his next adventure.

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