Monsters, Mayhem and a Sprinkling of Crumbs

Genre: Humour, Mystery

Type of reader:

Age range: 6 to 9 years

Length of book:

Series: Book 2 -Sprinkling of Crumbs Series

Reviewed by: Katy Reeve

Author: Tracey Corderoy 

who let the gods out .jpg

This book is an excellent choice if your child:

  • Loves detailed pictures

  • Enjoys funny, character, mystery stories

  • Can read short chapter books independently

  • Gets drawn into a narrative through the description of characters and setting, and loves a cat and mouse tale, where the villains are often outsmarted.

  • Wants a book that has humorous, detailed drawings that bring the story alive.

  • Needs to develop self-confidence and reading stamina, moving on from simple chapter books.


A laugh out loud detective story perfect for readers aged 6+. The plot is engaging and humorous, however, for me, it was the illustrations that stole the show, adding rich description and detail. The unstoppables were introduced subtly in their different guises – I loved watching my son piece together the evidence, flick back to cross-reference the pictures and gasp when he worked out who was who.

The plot trots along nicely to maintain interest, with nice short chapters to ensure developing readers have the stamina to get through them at a pace. All the characters were sustained and developed throughout, with my favourite, Aunt Beastly, presented as an unwitting, bumbling fool – a  refreshing take on the ‘going to stay with your aunt’ character.

As this is the second book in the series, initially I wondered if I should have started with the first book, but it isn’t necessary at all. Monsters Mayhem and a Sprinkling of Crumbs will be enjoyed on its own as an entertaining ‘cat and mouse’ story, where the children outwit the criminal masterminds.