When We Were Warriors


Emma Carroll

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This is a great next book if your reader likes:

  • Historical fiction set in England during World War 2.

  • Frost Hollow and Letters from the Lighthouse novels by Emma Carroll.

  • Gets drawn into a narrative through the rich description of characters and setting, and enjoys the extra detail.

  • Wants to be reading more grown-up books but doesn't always have the stamina. The interconnected short stories are accessible and engaging but not too complicated.

  • Books that develop self-confidence and reading stamina. It is essential for a reluctant reader that books are finished and enjoyed before the interest in them is lost.

  • Stories with strong, quick-witted, and brave female protagonists.

  • Carefully crafted detail and description from a period in history

  • Characters who adapt to a great change with resilience, resourcefulness, and innovativeness.

Blurb: A body washed up on the beach . . .

Evacuation to an old house with forbidden rooms and dark secrets . . .

An animal rescue service . . .

Set in Devon in 1942 'When We Were Warriors' is a thought-provoking book with three short stories. It has one interlinking character and tidbits from Emma Carroll's other books, which create an educational, heart-warming book universe children can get lost in.

'When We Were Warriors' is a stand alone text. Still, it is such a treat to revisit Frost Hollow and Letters from the Lighthouse if you enjoyed the books by these titles and meet some of the characters again.

The main character from each story, Stan, Olive, and Velvet, experience significant changes in their lives through bombing and evacuation. Each is called on to be brave and wise. From air-raid shelters for pets to German spies, each child has to trust their friends and make allies to survive.

The stories are short, and older children who need to build up their reading stamina can enjoy the book as much as a rapid reader.

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