The Bad Guys


Aaron Blabey

Age range:





This is a great book if your reader:

  • Is starting to read independently. The book's length and the amount of text on a page make it a perfect bridge between picture books and chapter books.

  • Loves graphic novels and comic books. The heist themed plot moves quickly along with hilarious black and white illustrations taking the action far beyond the written text.

  • Enjoys a good belly laugh and wants a book you can read together. Both children and adults can't help but laugh out loud at Mr. Wolf and the gang's antics.

  • Is not confident or keen to read chapter books and needs a series they can enjoy and build their reading stamina.

The Big Bad Wolf is the one and only Big Bad Wolf from fairy tale fame. He decides from now on he wants to go and do good, so he recruits a group of villains to help him:

Mr. Snake (AKA the Chicken Swallower)

Mr. Piranha (AKA the Butt Biter)

Mr. Shark (AKA…it has to be ...JAWS).

With his new team ready to go, Mr. Wolf renames them: THE GOOD GUYS CLUB.  From now on, they will only perform heroic deeds to shake off their bad reputations.

Book 1. Mission 1: 'Rescuing a cat from a tree' doesn't go quite to plan - the plan being to free 200 dogs from the pound... as the team has a few minor stumbling blocks along the way. Mr. Snake eating Mr. Piranha being one of them! But fear not, it all works out for both Mr. Snake and Mr. Piranha so no child will be traumatised!

The whole series of 12 books, with number 13 to be released in July 2021, is brilliant. And there is talk of a movie from Dreamworks on September the 17th 2021 to look forward to.

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