Mr Majeika


Humphrey Carpenter

Age range:





This is a great book if your reader:

  • Is building their confidence with first chapter books.

  • Needs a series that will support reading independently and build reading stamina.

  • Likes character-driven stories with a  familar setting. 

  • Enjoys the baddie at school, who makes everyone's life a misery, getting their comeuppance. 

  • Doesn't need a fast, action packed plot. 

Blurb on the back:

As a rule, magic carpets don't turn up in schools, but this is exactly what happens when Class Three's new teacher flies in through the classroom window and lands on the floor with a bump.

Imagine the excitement if your child had a wizard for a teacher! Mr. Majeika, a 1980s classic, still feels relevant today, tackling friendship issues at school. 

Despite all his good intentions to be a teacher who does not do any magic, it seems that Mr Majeika's loss of patience means his wizardly background can't stay hidden. When dealing with a badly behaved Hamish Bigmore, Mr Majeika unintentionally casts spells he thought he had long forgotten, such as changing Hamish into a frog! And to everyone's delight, it looks as if Hamish will have to remain a frog because Mr Majeika can't remember the spell to turn him back again! 

With Mr Majeika in charge, suddenly life at school becomes much more exciting. 

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