Charlie Higson

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This is a great next book if your reader likes:

  • Portal stories like Jumanji.

  • Short stories with humour and content that older children will enjoy as well.

  • Family themes where characters are forced to question their changing thoughts and opinions.

  • A twist or surprise at the end.

Blurb: Oscar is not looking forward to Grandad coming to look after him at the weekend - it means he'll have to play endless rounds of chess or Monopoly, instead of war games on his computer. But when he finds Dad's ancient laptop in the study, he can't resist logging on to something called Project X - and all too soon Oscar creates a real live warrior, who is programmed to obey his every command. However Monstroso's wires are more than a little crossed, and Oscar finds himself in all sorts of trouble...

Charlie Higson's humour and gaming theme is spot on for children who like books that can enter their online world. The writer of the Young James Bond series and comedy shows, including The Fast Show, pulls out all the stops. The chaos and carnage that Monstroso brings is littered with funny puns and clever wordplay. 

For such a short story, the main characters undergo significant transformations. Oscar, from spoilt and selfish to reliable and brave, Monstroso becomes more than an ugly, bloodthirsty being to a loyal and good-hearted companion. And grandad is not the oblivious old man Oscar perceives him to be.

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