Bad Nana - Older not Wiser


Sophy Henn

Age range:





This is a great next book if your reader:

  • is becoming confident and looking for their first steps into longer books with three short stories to break up the book.

  • Enjoys laugh-out-loud stories with loveable characters set in the everyday world they live in.

  • Would be hooked by the naughty, sometimes embarrassing antics of Jeanie's nana.

  • Likes bold neon graphics with wonderfully detailed drawings and various funky fonts and backgrounds.


Jeanie’s Grandma is BAD. Not bad like a vampire or a gangster or anything, more like . . . up to no good. Sometimes she can be a bit embarrassing but most of the time she’s REALLY fun, especially when she gets Jeanie involved in her mischievous schemes. Everyone says she’s old enough to know better . . . but she doesn’t seem to care one bit. In fact, Jeanie thinks she might quite like it!

Bad Nana is not your typical grandma. Bad Nana dresses all in black, has huge glasses, carries a shiny black bag that contains all manner of things (including a whoopee cushion), has a walking stick (which she likes to use as a mischief making weapon), and loves sherbert lemons. 

Jeanie has a big extended family. She lives precisely eight minutes and thirty-six seconds away from one of her three grandmas, Bad Nana. Not bad as in not a good nana but bad as in a bit of a naughty nana. 

She makes a trip to even the most ordinary of places a lot more interesting as she can't seem to stay out of trouble, popping unwanted items into other people's trolleys at the supermarket, disrupting line-dancing classes, or getting locked in the village hall. 


Messages on friendship and bullying are sensitively explored throughout, and there is a lovely moment towards the end where Jeanie takes inspiration from her Bad Nana and speaks out.

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