After the Fall

Dan Santat

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This is  a great next book if your reader:

  • Can remember the traditional nursery rhyme so they understand the sequel!

  • Loves wry humour that tackles issues, such as fear and tramua.

  • Enjoys detailed symbolic illustrations that you can return to many times.

  • Likes characters who develop and grow, showing their weaknesses and strenghts. 

Blurb: Dumpty is a broken egg. Life is tough: he's so afraid of heights, he can't even bear to climb onto his bed, or reach his favourite cereal on the top shelf at the supermarket. But one day, fuelled by his passion for bird-watching, he decides to conquer his fears and something amazing happens.

After the Fall, is a carefully crafted picture book that children of many ages can access on many different levels. It looks closely at mental and emotional resilience  through a well known classic nursery rhyme. 

It is a great example of how to revisit and build on children's knowledge of literature by developing themes and using humour. Through the book, children can relate to how hard it is to get back up after things have gone wrong.  Humpty's transformation into what he has always wanted to be, demonstrates how it's a slow process for Humpty to feel brave enough to get back up the wall again.

The sophisticated, multilayered illustrations are full of imagery and meaning, with a scattering of subtle clues for the reader to discuss and discover. 

There has been some debate over the ending however, I think it is clearly written to show how Humpty didn't want to be a scared egg - he was ready to move on. He found his wings and fulfilled his dreams after bravely facing his fears. 

After the Fall