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I'm Katy Reeve

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Literacy Consultant, Kid Lit book fanatic,

and mum of 3 here at Know Your Kids.


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Take the quiz and discover your child's reading personality.


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Girl with Bookshelves

'What should my child read next?' 


I know how hard it is to find the right book for your crew. It is a big ask to know what the world of Kid-Lit has to offer.


Luckily, I read lots of kids books for pleasure (I often stay up late reading and then regret it the next day!), and I love talking to children about what they like or really don't like about reading.  


This is how 'Know Your Kids' came to be. I found lists of popular books and recommendations for different ages pretty hit and miss, so I started to write short book reviews with bullet points about what you need to know about a book to make sure it is one your child will enjoy. 

Finding the right book for each child has become more than a bit of a hobby of mine. It gives me joy; I have a little smile just now just thinking about it. 


Just how do you find the right book for your reader?


Over the last 25 years, I have discovered that it's all about asking the right questions to get to know kids and uncover their reading personality.


You can find your child's personality by taking the quiz - remember, you might need to retake it as your child grows and changes!

I have made matching your child with the right book eeeasy. Once you know your child's reading personality you can quickly choose books to suit them.