Know Your Kids as a reader, and you will grow readers for life. 


Welcome to Know Your Kids, where we want your child to make good book choices and become readers, not just learn to read. We know it makes a huge difference.

Book shops and libraries have shelves full of beautiful books, but which one is right for your reader? Why aren't the book lists and recommendations you are given successful? And why can't your child find a book they want to read? Finding the right book can be a challenge; in fact, the question I get asked the most is, 'what should my child read next?'


But with 3 steps, Know Your Kids can help you discover the perfect next book and show you what to do with it.


Step 1 is for you to identify your child's personality using our reading personality quiz and guide.

Step 2 is to make a good book choice from relevant recommendations and book lists matching your child's reading personality with their reading ability, tastes, and interests.  

​Step 3 is to develop reading skills, identify any barriers, and then develop your reader with the right book. 



Reading Personality

Take the quiz and discover your child's reading personality.


Book Choice

Reading personality +genre


Good book choice

What should my child read next?


Support & workshops 

Developing reading skills

Tips, strategies and barriers.


Personalised subscription 

 Hand picked books sent to your reader

Carefully chosen books sent to your door every month.

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