Happy reading at home

Creating a Book Nook

Part of growing a reader is creating a space that encourages reading. Cozy Book Nooks can be found in classrooms and homes, they need to feel like special places reserved for reading,  places to curl up and unwind with a good book.

With a little effort you can create an appealing and relaxing book nook that your children will want to spend time in.  Here are 4 simple tips to get you started:

1.     Keep it simple. You will need somewhere to store the books, seating, such as a bean bag or cozy arm chair, blankets and lighting. That’s it.

2.     Keep your child in mind. If  you want to create a book nook exclusively for your child, let them be involved in the layout, design and colours. Different children will be drawn to different spaces. My eldest will often be found lounging on the radiator in the winter, where as my daughter likes to hide out in a small den of her making. A box to keep her Book Nook props in helps her to transport it from one place to another.
Creating a cozy book nook3.     Keep it central. It might be tempting to set up a reading area in a quiet, hidden corner somewhere,  but often the most used book nooks are the ones situated in the busiest areas of the house. My own book nook has been built in the lounge, where everyone hangs out, and I can easily join them for a story.

4.     Make it appealing– the book nook needs to draw children in. We all feel good around looked after and interesting things,o you might want to update your book nook every now and again. This might mean simply adding some new books, swapping a blanket or cushion or changing the layout slightly.

I hope you enjoy creating your own, unique Book Nook!