Hi! I’m Katy – parent, practitioner and prolific reader here at Know Your Kids

I started this site to create a community for parents who want to ensure their little (and not so little anymore) kids become readers. We all know that being a reader is important, a life skill – but we all also know that not all children are natural readers. This where Know your kids can help you.

Finding a book your child can’t put down is important and through Know Your Kids and other review sites I can guide you and recommend books for your child to enjoy. However, this is only part of the toolkit you need to develop your child as a reader. Knowing your child is the key. All children can love reading, it will vary in time, approach and amount of effort but with strategies that are right for them your child can become a reader.

Watching children become readers and flourish both academically and socially has always been a great privilege and the best part of my job. I want to share practical, easy to use ideas and resources with as many parents as possible, so you too have the tools you need to develop your child as a reader.

A tried and tested toolkit of ideas and resources has been developed from both my work and homelife. As a teacher and school leader over the last 20 years, I have worked alongside parents and pupils to form good reading habits for life, I have trained teachers to nurture readers and at home I am growing my own 3 wildly different readers.

Whatever the topic around reading, I believe blogging is really all about developing a supportive community, and the conversation that happens in the comments only strengthens it and makes my job a pleasure.

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I hope this blog helps you to get to know your kids.